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Stone Head Nation's Giftboxes

Varied gift boxes from edibles to smokables, and a variety of premium gift boxes. All of them are packed with cannabis leaves and all of them are at a discounted price for the group

Stone Head Nation is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind selection of gift boxes specially curated for cannabis lovers. Our collection includes an array of options, from edibles to smokables, all packed with premium cannabis leaves. Don't miss out on this fantastic deal — get your discounted group gift boxes today only at Stone Head Nation!


Our Premium Box

Our Premium Box is the perfect gift for any cannabis enthusiast! Packed full of goodies, the box contains a 1-gram disposable vape, 7 grams of Trainwreck flower, 3 grams of disposable THC-P vape, one pack of 250mg cotton candy, 225mg chocolate bar, 500mg pack of gummies, a pack of 2 HHC pre-rolls and all of it nestled in cannabis leaves and a lighter. It's the perfect way to enjoy all of your cannabis products!

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Smokable Box

Our Smokable Box is an amazing way to sample all of our most popular smokes! It contains 7 grams of Trainwreck flower, a Trainwreck 1.5-gram cart, a pack of pre-rolls, a 1-gram disposable vape, a rechargeable pen, a stone head lighter, and a 3-gram disposable vape — all sitting on a bed of cannabis leaves. This incredible box is the best way to get the full experience of all of our top products!

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Edibles Box

Treat yourself to a delightful assortment of cannabis-infused edibles with our special box! Our Edibles Box contains a pack of gummies, infused chewing gum, infused mints, infused pebble pops, chocolate punch bars, and cotton candy— all on a bed of cannabis leaves. It's the perfect way to sample all of your favorite cannabis edibles in one go!

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At Stone Head Nation, we provide the best hemp-derived THC products available on the market for recreational use. Our products are organically grown by Amish farmers in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, ensuring the highest quality of hemp and THC. Discover a variety of boxes and cannabis products, and find the perfect one for you — shop now!

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